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WZF – service company for the pet industry

Professional partnerships for new business opportunities

On an international scale, the pet and pet supplies business is a 100 billion Euros market, and expected to grow further in the future. WZF gives you access to markets, target groups and players in the pet sector. WZF develops, provides and markets high-quality services, products and platforms contributing to the economic and communicative development of the pet industry covering dogs, cats, mammals, terrarium animals as well as ornamental birds and fish.

WZF is the fully-owned business entity of ZZF, the leading German Pet Trade and Industry Association. WZF applies ZZF's ethics to each of its market activities and measures. This includes

  • trade shows and events
  • publishing activities
  • learning and training, conferences, forums, and symposiums, and
  • Ringstelle - the state's agency for identification markings for protected species.

In a nutshell: Why working with WZF?

WZF covers a unique and value-adding position within the pet business environment. The company is closely connected with all the players in the market: retail and wholesale, pet supplies companies, research and academia, training and education, promotion and marketing, media and communication.

  • provides turnkey solutions covering the planning, coordination and execution of projects,
  • is the industry’s medium through public relations as well as editorial activities,
  • provides platforms and information,
  • is a show and event organizer,
  • runs databases and market research.

WZF pioneers new business opportunities and is the gateway to turning know-how and expertise into business success. Based in Wiesbaden, WZF is located in the heart of Germany, and ideally connected by road, train, and air.

Trade shows and events

WZF is the owner and organizer of the industry's flagship trade show, the biennial Interzoo in Nuremberg, Germany. It is the world's leading international trade fair for pet supplies and the driving force of the industry. Interzoo is a platform for innovations and communication.

ZZF is the founder and honorary sponsor of Interzoo. Its ethical rules and standards on pet handling are unique differentiators of the Interzoo show, and applied by WZF guaranteeing a professional trade fair with a benefit-oriented focus. IPB specializes in shows abroad International Pet Business IPB GmbH is responsible for trade fair market expansion abroad. The IPB portfolio includes concept development, project management, sales and aftersales of products and services.

Publishing activities

WZF publishes brochures, studies, annuals, trade literature such as training manuals and market data. The monthly zza trade magazine, the weekly zza.Die Woche newsletter, and zza-online.de cover all relevant topics of the industry, including ZZF's activities. WZF and the zza editors' team are also responsible for the Interzoo Daily newspaper, produced and distributed during Interzoo.

Ringstelle - Official agency for identification markings for protected species

The Federal Ministry for the Environment has appointed ZZF as an issuing agency for identification markings for protected species. WZF's Ringstelle is the executing organization for the sale and registration of these identification aids, such as bird rings, transponders for mammals, and terrarium animals.

Learning and training, conferences, forums, and symposiums

Face-to-face events inspire exchange and discussions among experts, industry, and politics. On behalf of ZZF, WZF provides various platforms addressing professionals' needs as well as aspects of interest for animal lovers. Training and learning, conferences, forums, and symposiums cover

  • the ZZF-Symposium with the latest scientific insights on pet keeping: for veterinarians, pet shop retail and wholesale as well as pet supplies manufacturers,
  • the ZZF-Forum as the most important annual congress for retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers for further education and communication
  • the Wir fürs Tier-Conference for politicians and animal professionals
  • the Pet Academy (Heimtier Akademie) as an advanced e-learning concept targeting experts in the pet business.

www.zzf-symposium.de | www.zzf-forum.de | www.wirfuerstier.de | www.heimtierakademie.de

Online platforms

WZF's online portals target B2C and B2B audiences, giving them professional advice. Wirfuerstier.de is an information platform on adequate pet housing for the professional and general public. Covering a multitude of topics, my-fish.org reaches out to aquarium enthusiasts through various online channels.

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