Animal experts reject positive list

Tigers and monkeys do not belong in the living room...

...many pet owners, veterinarians, animal organisations and animal welfare activists agree on this. But does this also apply to other animals such as hamsters, cockatiels or snakes?

What is it about?

Did you know? When German Minister of Agriculture Cem Özdemir and some NGOs propose the introduction of a so-called positive list to regulate pet keeping at European and also national level not only dangerous animals like crocodiles or lions are meant.

Ban all pets than allow some

In the case of a system change to a positive list/permit list, all petswould be banned. Only those pets that are exceptionally included in a corresponding species list would be exempted from this basic ban. 

But according to what criteria?

As shown by attempts in other European countries, generally valid, scientific criteria for the inclusion of animals on a so-called permit list/positive list would be difficult to establish. In case of the introduction of a positive list, all animal lovers would therefore have to face the fact that certain pets would be prohibited and would not make it onto a positive list.

Whether the coexistence of animals and humans in normal private households is successful does not depend on whether animals are exotic, but on whether animal owners can care for the animals according to their biology and needs.

Facts on the positive list

On our information page you will find facts about the positive list, pet ownership, exotic animals and suggestions on how we can promote animal welfare in the pet sector. In addition, several animal organisations share their position on the topic of the "positive list".

For more animal welfare in pet keeping

As animal owner organisations, animal experts, veterinary associations, animal welfare activists and members of the pet industry we support the objective of ensuring more animal welfare in pet keeping. However, due to expertise reasons, we are of the opinion that a so-called positive or permit list would not bring more animal welfare for pet keeping.