Subsidiary of the ZZF
WZF - Pet Industry Services

Service company for the pet industry

Professional partnerships for new business opportunities

WZF is the fully-owned business entity of ZZF, the leading German Pet Trade & Industry Association (ZZF). ZZF focuses on the responsible pet ownership and the joy of living together with pets. The association promotes optimal framework conditions for the economic activities of the players of the sector. Its ethics provide the basis for the activities of its subsidiary Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft Zoologischer Fachbetriebe (WZF).

On an international scale, the pet and pet supplies business is a 100 billion Euros market, and expected to grow further in the future. WZF gives access to markets, target groups and players in the pet sector. The business segments include high-quality services, products and platforms contributing to the economic and communicative development of the pet industry.

This includes

  • trade shows and events
  • publishing activities
  • learning and training, conferences, forums, and symposiums, and
  • Ringstelle - the state's agency for identification markings for protected species

Why working with WZF?

WZF covers a unique and value-adding position within the pet business environment. The company is closely connected with all the players in the market: retail and wholesale, pet supplies companies, research and academia, training and education, promotion and PR, media and communication.

WZF - Pet Industry Services

  • provides solutions covering the planning, coordination and execution of projects,
  • is the industry’s medium through public relations as well as market research,
  • provides publications and platforms,
  • is a show and event organizer,
  • runs databases and the agency for identification markings for protected species

WZF pioneers new business opportunities and is the gateway to turning know-how and expertise into business success. At the ZZF and WZF office in Wiesbaden, Germany, a multi-professional team of currently 18 people works for the benefit of the pet industry.

Trade fairs and events

Interzoo - flagship trade show of the pet business

WZF – Pet Industry Services organizes the industry's flagship trade show Interzoo in Nuremberg, Germany, in partnership with the German Pet Trade & Industry Association ZZF as the founder and honorary sponsor. WZF is the owner and organizer of the biennal world’s largest international trade fair for pet supplies. Interzoo is the driving force of the industry and a platform for innovations and communication. With more than 1,300 exhibitors and about 28,000 trade visitors from 129 countries at the last event, Interzoo is the undisputed world’s leading international fair of the pet industry. Since 1988, WZF has engaged NürnbergMesse GmbH to operate the trade fair.

Since the summer of 2020, the online platform Interzoo Academy has been offering specialist presentations on topics of interest to the pet supplies sector.

The ethical rules and standards on pet handling of ZZF are unique differentiators of the Interzoo show, and applied by WZF guaranteeing a professional trade fair with a benefit-oriented focus.


International Network

IPB specializes in shows abroad

International Pet Business IPB GmbH is a subsidiary of WZF. As an international B2B service company, it develops and manages transnational activities as well as the expansion of the trade show business abroad. IPB's portfolio includes concept development, project management, distribution and aftersales of products and services.

Visit the IPB Website

Professional events

Events stimulate exchange and discussion between experts, business and politics. On behalf of the ZZF, the WZF organises various platforms that take into account the needs of members, experts and politicians alike.


Learning and training

We promote education and training with two platforms:



WZF publishes brochures, studies, annuals, trade literature such as training manuals and market data.


Online platforms

WZF's online portals are aimed at B2C and B2B audiences and provide expert information and professional advice. is an information platform on responsible pet keeping for professionals and pet owners. addresses aquarists with a variety of topics. Advice and help is also available to ornamental fish keepers via podcast and YouTube channel my-fish tv.


zza publishing

zoologischer zentral anzeiger zza, (founded in 1905) is the trade magazine for the German speaking pet industry and is published 10 times a year by zza-Verlag of WZF in Wiesbaden. The editor of the IVW-checked magazine is ZZF. In addition to zza, WZF also publishes the weekly zza.Die Woche newsletter, and

zza publishes the latest news from the pet industry and specialist articles on pets, merchandise knowledge, new products, product range management, training and legal issues, marketing and business management, reports from trade and industry, including the activities of the ZZF, VZFS - Swiss-Info (Switzerland) and WKO - Austria-Info (Austria).


Trade Fair Journal Interzoo Daily

WZF and the zza editorial team are also responsible for the newspaper Interzoo Daily, which is produced and distributed during Interzoo. It can also be read as a digital edition in the newsroom of the Interzoo website.

Interzoo Daily

Market data

The WZF has conducted a survey on pet ownership and the pet population in Germany and regularly publishes this data and the sales of the German pet industry.

The German pet market IVH/ZZF

Ringstelle - Official agency for identification markings for protected species

The german Federal Ministry for the Environment has appointed ZZF to issue identification markings for protected species. The association has commissioned WZF's Ringstelle for the sale and registration of these identification aids, such as bird rings, transponders for mammals, and terrarium animals. The registration and marking obligation is intended to prevent illegal trade in protected animals. Ringstelle takes orders, sends anklets and transponders to breeders, zoos or animal parks and maintains the database.


Contact WZF - Management

Alexandra Facklamm


Contact WZF - Fairs and Exibitions

Dr. Rowena Arzt

Dr. Rowena Arzt

Head of Exhibitions / CEO International Pet Business IPB GmbH

Contact WZF - Publishing and Training

Antje Schreiber

Antje Schreiber

Head of Communications, Education & Training

Über den ZZF

Zentralverband Zoologischer Fachbetriebe e.V. (ZZF)

Seit über 75 Jahren arbeitet der ZZF mit einzigartiger Branchenkenntnis und Fachwissen für die Gestaltung einer tierschutzgerechten Heimtierhaltung.

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