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Change of management at WZF GmbH

Alexandra Facklamm, who has long served as an authorised officer at ZZF/WZF, assumed duties as full-time management director at WZF GmbH, the organizer of the world’s leading trade fair Interzoo, on 1 January

Herbert Bollhöfer, who has served on a volunteer basis as managing director of WZF GmbH (Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft Zoologischer Fachbetriebe), a subsidiary of ZZF German Pet Trade & Industry Association, concluded his nearly 20 years of service as a managing director on 31 December 2018.

Ever since the 1960s, Bollhöfer, a trained pet specialty retailer, has been especially committed to the concerns of the pet industry in Germany and Europe. Starting as chairman of the Junior Group, then as treasurer of ZZF, after that as president of the association for ten years, and finally for nearly 20 years as managing director of WZF, he has played a key role in defining the evolution of both the association and its subsidiary. “Herbert Bollhöfer helped initiate the founding of the European Pet Organization (EPO), represented the industry at a number of CITES Conferences, worked for ethical animal protection, and expanded contact with ministries and government authorities. He also helped define the membership structure of ZZF and the economic focus of the Interzoo trade fair and all of WZF”, said ZZF President Norbert Holthenrich. “We are very pleased that he will continue to assist both WZF and ZZF in an advisory capacity.”

The ZZF Executive Board, which is concomitantly also the Advisory Board of WZF, has made the subsidiary’s management a full-time paid position, effective immediately. It thus continues the process of restructuring the ZZF and WZF business office. In Alexandra Facklamm, the Advisory Board has appointed a full-time managing director who enjoys excellent familiarity with the company. The holder of a business degree, she has been working for both the association and the company for 17 years – for the last ten years as an authorised officer (Prokuristin).

Facklamm has ambitious goals: “To achieve the association’s goals effectively, WZF as a subsidiary must show a profit overall. At the same time, I hope to help it sharpen its profile as a service provider for the association and the industry”, she says. The business office is well positioned for such projects. WZF currently has 13 full-time employees, who not only manage the ZZF association’s activities but serve it by making a professional contribution to the economic and communicative development of the pet industry.

WZF GmbH (Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft Zoologischer Fachbetriebe) is a one-hundred-per-cent subsidiary of ZZF German Pet Trade & Industry Association. The service company has the form of a German limited liability company, or GmbH. WZF organizes the Interzoo – the world-leading trade fair for the international pet industry. Furthermore WZF’s business activities include the ring issuing agency (the Federal Ministry of the Environment has recognized ZZF as an issuing agency for identification markings for protected species), publications and PR work for the whole industry, and training at various levels. WZF organizes the ZZF Symposium and seminars on behalf of ZZF.

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