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ZZF - German Pet Trade & Industry Association

The German Pet Trade & Industry Association (ZZF) was founded in 1947 and represents the professional, economic and socio-political interests of the whole German pet industry. The members include firms and system headquarters in the pet supplies trade, wholesale companies, assistants in pet care salons and manufacturers of pet supplies.

ZZF advises, informs and supports its members regarding their specialist and professional concerns and provides services for professionalization and for the exchange of views beyond the boundaries of the association. ZZF is also committed to the responsible handling of pets and has set itself the goal of actively showing the public, media, politics and other opinion formers the positive effects of keeping pets correctly.

Policy of ZZF

The policy of ZZF attaches top priority to people's responsibility for live animals and the well-being of pets.

"The members of the German Pet Trade & Industry Association (ZZF) fulfil a special purpose through trading in live pets, to which we owe special responsibility, and through the manufacture and sale of suitable food and accessories. The members are obliged to ensure correct pet-keeping through qualified advice and to promote protection of the species through breeding as a matter of priority."

Extract from ZZF policy


The members defined the mission statement and policy of ZZF in the "Heidelberg Resolutions on Animal Welfare in the Pet Supplies Trade" in 1991. These include the guideline not to sell any animal whose suitability as a pet is doubtful.


The industrial companies in ZZF manufacture and sell pet food, accessories / technical equipment, medicines, remedies and grooming articles. In addition to pet food and accessories, many pet retailers, breeders and wholesalers offer live animals. Pet care assistants work on grooming and trimming dogs and cats of all sizes and breeds and other pets such as rabbits. Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft Zoologischer Fachbetriebe (WZF) is a one-hundred-per-cent subsidiary of the ZZF.

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